Current Core Issues in Ethics and Education. Critical Thinking on Cultural Diversity, The West and Islam. Video.
  Elsa, PhD. Youtube videos on current core issues in ethics, education, critical thinking, cultural diversity, the West and Islam.
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Elsa, PhD. Youtube videos on core issues in education, current social cultural diversity and critical thinking issues, issues in education, the West and Islam. core issues in ethics, universal ethics facts about Islam, The West, Political Correctness Agatha Christie, true facts about Islam, political correctness and living in denial controversial topics, controversial knowledge and moral courage secret knowledge, political correctness, the West and Islam getting heard, living in denial, political correctness cultural diversity issues, current issues in education, core issues in ethics, the West current ethical issues, controversial issues, human rights true facts, facts about Islam, truth about Islam - the West, critical thinking and living in denial

Elsa, PhD. Thinker, Speaker.
Current Core Issues in Ethics,
Education, Cultural Diversity,
Critical Thinking, The West and Islam.
Controversial Knowledge,
Powerful Speaking.

The videos introduce you to critical current issues, starting with core issues in ethics. No issue can be more critical, especially at present, than the question: are there universal ethics, or should we avoid exercising any judgment, avoid looking at any facts and doing any critical thinking. The answer is crucial: we need to make evaluations. More there are fact-based ways to come to valid conclusions, to a reality-based ethics.

This is core to everything else - including to current crucial issues in education, where critical thinking is often taboo, in fact where any thinking is often taboo if it goes against beliefs that are drilled into the heads of students, year after year. Beliefs such as that they must not be judgmental, must accept all opinions religions and cultures as equal no matter what the evidence is. One can see is as political correctness gone mad. One can also see it as a powerful means for the self-destruction of a society that comes to be unable to stand up for itself, for its values. It is inculcating inculcating rigid barriers against perceiving, paying attention to what one is noticing.

This weakness is all the more important at present, as there are increasing encroachments into freedom of expression being asked for in the West by Islamic forces, and as the West's values are being challenged increasingly, especially by Islamic demands.

These are more than current core issues in ethics and education, core issues in evaluating cultural diversity. These may be core to the survival of freedom of thought and expression.

It is not, by the way, just an opinion that freedom of thought and expression are crucial. If we look at what people need to flourish, we see that, without these things, we are diminished as human beings.

It is astounding, in fact, that it has become controversial knowledge, one of the controversial education issues, that critical thinking is not only good but essential to full living.

A huge question: what is the inner damage, as well as the external pressure, that is allowing the encroachments into Western freedoms?

And then now, videos on political correctness, more than one video on Islam and the West's fear of Islam, lots of videos to stimulate thinking.


Elsa, PhD

To go from the overview of these videos
on core issues in ethics, education,
cultural diversity, the West and Islam,
to an article on universal ethics, click here

To go from the overview of these videos
on core issues in ethics, education,
cultural diversity, the West and Islam,
to the youtube video
on universal ethics, click here

Here, a teleseminar series -
interviews with 20 people
who are exploring the West and Islam,
and speaking out about their findings.

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